• "[OPULUS] out of the box thinking shines in the chemistry of the Opoules themselves."

  • "...it will change skincare as we know it"

  • “[OPULUS] catches maximum potency every time since the ingredients are freshly activated”

  • "Each Opoule delivers an entire skincare routine in just one easy step, allowing you to achieve the benefits of a serum, moisturizer, and retinol treatment in one effective formula." 


Freshly blended formulas that transform your skin, dose by dose.
The OPULUS Activator

Gently heats and blends the Opoule™ Treatment, activating suspended ingredients to achieve Peak Potency.

The Opoule™ Treatment

The perfect application, self-contained. Each treatment contains powerful key actives—surrounded by nourishing emollients, vitamins and ceramides. No plastic or pods to toss.

What our customers say

  • “This is my favorite beauty product ever! I love the way my skin feels and looks!
    Patricia F.
  • “I really enjoy being able to blend fresh skincare and not worry about preservatives and how long jars might’ve sat on the store shelves. "
    Jessica J.
  • “I started with #2 and am on my second with #3. I think it is fantastic. I was sent a new device that charges better. It’s a bit thick on like a mask so I try to put it on early in the evening so it dry’s before I hit the pillow. I love it."
    -Monique M.

Freshly Activated Beauty in 3 Steps

  • 1
    Place Opoule™ Treatment in Activator
    No need to unwrap, separate, or discard any plastic. Every Opoule™ Treatment is self-contained.
  • 2
    Press the Power Button
    In 75 seconds, your treatment is blended and heated to 107F, allowing greater absorption of benefits.
  • 3
    Apply to Your Blend
    Enjoy the warm freshly activated formula, measured for face, neck, and chest. No additional creams, serums, or oils necessary.

The Retinol+ Starter System

Rated 4.7 out of 5
Based on 3 reviews

A complete Retinol+ Ramp-Up nightly regimen and the OPULUS Activator. 28 Opoule™ Treatments that offer precision, peak potency and personalization. This is all you need for OPULUS™ transformation.

Clinically proven to be safe and gentle.

Select Regimen Fill 1

Which Regimen Is Right for Me?

Each regimen is all you need for four weeks of transformative rejuvenation. Available in three highly stable progressive retinol concentrations. We recommend starting with Regimen 1 and ramping up the concentration over 90 days

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping, always
  • Two year warranty
  • 1st Ramp-Up Regimen included

Meet Inventor
Dr. Robb

If you don’t know Dr. Robb Akridge, Ph.D.—you likely know his work. As the genius behind OPULUS, as well as the co-founder of personal care brands like Clarisonic and Sonicare, Dr. Robb has a history of outperforming the status quo.

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