• "[OPULUS] out of the box thinking shines in the chemistry of the Opoules themselves."

  • "...it will change skincare as we know it"

  • “[OPULUS] catches maximum potency every time since the ingredients are freshly activated”

  • "Each Opoule delivers an entire skincare routine in just one easy step, allowing you to achieve the benefits of a serum, moisturizer, and retinol treatment in one effective formula." 


Freshly blended formulas that transform your skin, dose by dose.
The OPULUS Activator

Gently heats and blends the Opoule™ Treatment, activating suspended ingredients to achieve Peak Potency.

The Opoule™ Treatment

The perfect application, self-contained. Each treatment contains powerful key actives—surrounded by nourishing emollients, vitamins and ceramides. No plastic or pods to toss.

What our customers say

  • “This is my favorite beauty product ever! I love the way my skin feels and looks!
    Patricia F.
  • “I really enjoy being able to blend fresh skincare and not worry about preservatives and how long jars might’ve sat on the store shelves. "
    Jessica J.
  • “I started with #2 and am on my second with #3. I think it is fantastic. I was sent a new device that charges better. It’s a bit thick on like a mask so I try to put it on early in the evening so it dry’s before I hit the pillow. I love it."
    -Monique M.

Freshly Activated Beauty in 3 Steps

  • 1
    Place Opoule™ Treatment in Activator
    No need to unwrap, separate, or discard any plastic. Every Opoule™ Treatment is self-contained.
  • 2
    Press the Power Button
    In 75 seconds, your treatment is blended and heated to 107F, allowing greater absorption of benefits.
  • 3
    Apply to Your Blend
    Enjoy the warm freshly activated formula, measured for face, neck, and chest. No additional creams, serums, or oils necessary.

The Retinol+ Starter System

A complete Retinol+ Ramp-Up nightly regimen and the OPULUS Activator. 28 Opoule™ Treatments that offer precision, peak potency and personalization. This is all you need for OPULUS™ transformation.

Clinically proven to be safe and gentle.

Select your product:
Select your Ramp-Up Regimen: Regimen guide
Regimen 1 0.025% RETINOL
Regimen 2 0.05% RETINOL
Regimen 3 0.1% RETINOL
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  • Two year warranty

Meet Inventor
Dr. Robb

If you don’t know Dr. Robb Akridge, Ph.D.— you likely know his work. As the genius behind OPULUS, as well as the co-founder of personal care brands like Clarisonic and Sonicare, Dr. Robb has a history of outperforming the status quo.

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