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Overnight Sensation

Your Mornings Just Got a Lot More Beautiful.

Is your a.m. face red, dry, flakey or patchy? There’s an Opoule™ Treatment for that. Does your morning complexion look dull, crepey or fatigued? There’s an Opoule™ Treatment for that too and it just happens to be the same one.

Allantoin-infused RHR Overnight mask (shorthand for: Restore, Hydrate, Rejuvenate) amps up skin’s hydration so your complexion awakens feeling fresher, firmer and softer to the touch.




Firmness You Can Feel

The profoundly hydrating RHR Overnight Mask—in the form of an Opoule Treatment—helps restore the skin’s protective lipid barrier to encourage elasticity, firmness and smoothness. You can use it on its own as a standalone whenever your skin feels dull, dry, or stressed, or, as part of the strategically curated Retinol+ Ramp-Up Regimen. Each Ramp-Up regimen includes 14 applications of the RHR Overnight Mask.

Freshly blended right out of the OPULUS™ Activator, it emerges as a warm, rich, silky, cream treatment. Applied in the evening before bed, it leaves your skin markedly plumper and smoother looking by the time you wake up.

... the real RHR ingredient star of the show is allantoin, something you’ve doubtless been hearing about in the beauty media.

Formula for Success

The RHR Overnight Mask includes skin-conditioning triglycerides, antioxidant carnosine, plumping peptides and other hydrators. But the real RHR ingredient star of the show is allantoin, something you’ve doubtless been hearing about in the beauty media. Derived from the comfrey root with both nurturing, antioxidant and exfoliant properties, allantoin is a skin-soothing savior prized for both its calming and smoothing properties. Yet it’s a fussy ingredient that destabilizes quickly if not handled correctly. Not a problem for OPULUS Beauty Labs.

Studies show that allantoin is its efficacious best when it’s at 2% in a skin care formulation. That’s not an easy achievement for traditional skin care products, most of which contain less than half that. Simple enough for us at Opulus though. Thanks to our patent-pending Opoule Treatment innovation that separates key ingredients into two parts, the Coat and Core, this brilliant new cosmetic configuration can get 2% of optimized allantoin in the formula and deliver it at peak potency in the final blended RHR Overnight Mask.

Comfrey Root

Many Faces of Dry or Sensitive

How does the skin become irritated and dehydrated in the first place? You may simply be born with skin that just doesn’t produce much oil or is sensitive. Or let us count the ways that lifestyle takes its toll too. . . exposure to the elements, stress, harsh products, overenthusiastic exfoliation, late nights and jet travel (remember that?) are but a few.

Skin redness and dryness can also result from the retinization process too, that is, the sensitivity that can occur when starting or accelerating a retinol program. Whatever the cause, you can apply the RHR Overnight Mask for some pretty potent relief and restoration.



Freshly Activated

The Personal Beauty Lab

Activate a genius new chemistry on demand and go beyond what can be contained in a jar or bottle.


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