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Anatomy of an Opoule™ Treatment

In delivering key ingredients at their peak potency, the Opoule Treatment represents nothing less than a cosmetic chemistry revolution.

You’ve never seen anything like this. Believe it or not, this cute little raspberry-size treatment has superpowers for transforming your skin. It may look like a chocolate truffle but don’t be fooled. Completely disruptive, this is an Opoule Treatment. Working in tandem with the OPULUS Activator, it redefines skincare delivery as we know it and has extended the boundaries of what topical products can do.

The Opoule Treatment was a way to house ingredients together that sync up brilliantly on the skin yet are often incompatible in a bottle or jar. It was also a way we could enhance stability and deliver those actives at their peak potency.

The Chemistry

Ironically, many combinations or concentrations of topical skincare actives work brilliantly together on the skin yet are often incompatible with each other when stored together in a traditional premixed formula, for example Retinol, Allantoin, Ceramides, Vitamin C and many others. The incompatibility manifests itself as a degradation of an ingredient’s functionality, potency, efficacy or stability.  

The novel Opoule Treatment structure neatly helps to solve the instability problem by isolating its active ingredients into two distinct parts.

Outer Coat: The outside layer serves a dual role. In the package, it protects ingredient stability both of the hardened Coat and the more liquid inner Core. Upon blending, the Coat works as an absorption enhancer in the final mixed treatment, delivering active ingredients in the form of highly skin-compatible fatty acids.

Interior Core: The inner, softer filling holds stable a formula at an unprecedented potency that is protected from degradation from outside elements such as oxidation from excessive air exposure or other contaminants.

Enter Activation

Easy, elegant and covetable, the Opulus Activator is a first-of-its-kind beauty appliance, your own personal lab as it were. Popping an Opoule Treatment into the Activator thermally (that is, with gentle heat) blends the two individual parts into a single, freshly activated application. The appliance holds each blended treatment at a heat-stabilized temperature (approx. 107º).

OPULUS Beauty Lab’s founder Dr. Robb Akridge explains, “Incorporating heat was another breakthrough for us. Gentle warming helped the blending work easier and smoother while enhancing the end product’s absorption once it touched the skin.”

The upshot? Ingredient potency that is impossible to maintain in a bottle, jar or tube. The moment these two are freshly blended together in the Opulus Activator, the Coat and Core emerge as one precise application in the form of—and this will depend on the specific formula—a serum, cream or balm.

And because Opoule Treatments are self-contained, and made entirely out of skin care ingredients there are no pods or plastics to toss after use.

Complete Application

Calculating the proper quantities was critical too. Right out of the Activator, there’s enough for complete application on the face, neck, decolletage and maybe even the backs of the hands.

“Because,” says Dr. Robb, “as we well know, the skin care doesn’t end at the chin.”

Creation Story

It all started in Paris when OPULUS Beauty Labs’ founder, inventor and innovator Dr. Robb Akridge was visiting a high-end chocolate shop.

“It was an extraordinary array of deliciousness,” he recalls, “each one more beautiful than the other. Each had its own story and its own decorative, yet understated, flourishes. I was particularly intrigued with the elegant, filled ones encased in their own chocolate shells. Somewhere between the bonbons and the marrons glacés, a light bulb went on and I thought, ‘Why can’t we create cosmetic formulations this way?’

“I kept mulling it over,” Dr. Robb continues, “and it struck me that this was a way we could house ingredients together that sync up brilliantly on the skin yet are often incompatible in a bottle or jar. It was also a way we could enhance stability and deliver those ingredients at their peak potency. Plus, the options for formulating individual Opoule Treatments were endless when it came to designing regimens that provide both results and joy.

“Once we got home to Seattle, it was time to get into the lab.”


The Opoule Treatment

Self-contained Science

Precision. Potency. Personalization.

Individual skincare treatments applied at peak potency every application.



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