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Going for the Gold with Vitamin A

The cornerstone of OPULUS Beauty Labs’ is to take the best and make it better. That’s why the first product we launched is based on retinol, the strongest of the OTC retinoids.

Retinol has been the go-to standard of skin treatment for dermatologists for decades—the closest thing to a proverbial ‘gold standard’ for skin rejuvenation.

Retinol helps stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, the protein that gives skin that plump, fresh, bright appearance, and prevents wrinkles, patchy skin and irregular pigmentation. Our body naturally produces it in large quantities in our youth, but by our 20’s and 30’s it starts to decline, causing many of the signs we associate with the appearance of aging.

But before we do a deep dive into how this incredible new rejuvenator-in-an-Opoule™ Treatment works, let’s take deeper look into retinol and retinoids.

Skincare ingredients—like fashion, design or music—follow a similar trajectory. First comes discovery, then comes trend and then for an exceptional few, comes the forever status as a solid gold classic. So it is with the topical Vitamin A derivatives called retinoids, which are dermatologists’ favorite rejuvenators.

Though Vitamin A was first isolated and identified in 1909, topical retinoid applications to control or reverse photo aging signs only started being studied at the tail end of the1980s. Since then, there’s been a whole panoply of multi-syllabic retinoid varieties introduced that range from the mild retinyl palmitate andretinaldehyde to prescription strength tretinoin (aka retinoic acid) and tazarotene.

As retinoids work to encourage skin cell turnover, it’s off with the old (think lines, wrinkles, leathery texture, slackness, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores) and in with the new (that is toning, clarifying and firming collagen production).

Essential Mechanics

Technically, retinoids—Vitamin A derivatives—are antioxidants. But as they work to encourage skin cell turnover, it’s off with the old (think lines, wrinkles, leathery texture, slackness, uneven tone, enlarged pores) and in with the new (that is smoothing, clarifying and firming collagen production).

Retinoids in Action

Retinoids do not work alone but rather are formulated into serums, creams, lotions or balms.

Retinoids are not all created equal; there are various retinoid esters—(e.g. retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate, retinyl linoleate, etc.). These can be considered less-effective forms of Vitamin A.

Retinoids work well when water-free. It’s known that the presence of water in a formulation can inactivate retinol. That’s where an anhydrous (water-free) product can support product stability.

Retinoids are strength-based but stronger isn’t necessarily better. Strength can be tricky since not all formulations are based on just the retinol concentration. Some formulators reference the percentage of a retinoid “complex” (a total blend containing other ingredients, not just retinol concentration).

Retinoids take their time, and need consistency with every application over time, to shows results.

Retinoids often require a gradual ramping up (called titration) to acclimate the skin to their action and to achieve results

Retinoids require retinization—that’s the adjustment period in which the skin adapts to a retinoid treatment

It’s a one-and-done approach taking all the guesswork out of getting retinol and retinization right. The program is designed for treatment nights and rest nights.

Ramping up From Strength to Strength

Of all the retinoid out there, what’s of interest to us here is retinol—the most potent of the retinoids available without prescription—which plays a starring role in OPULUS Beauty Labs’ Retinol+ Ramp-Up Regimens.

What is a Ramp-Up Regimen?  A Retinol+ Ramp-Up Regimen, is a program of 28 Opoule Treatments (equaling 4-weeks’ worth of nightly applications). The program is designed so each night one Opoule treatment is thermally blended in the Opulus Activator. It’s a one-and-done approach taking all the guesswork out of getting retinol and retinization right. The program is designed for treatment nights and, what we call, rest nights.

A rest night is the application of the RHR Overnight Mask. Both the RHR Opoule Treatments and Retinol Treatments are all included in one regimen box. To make it effortless, they are laid out in a specified application cadence.

There are 3 Regimens that are designed to be used consecutively over 2-3 months for skin rejuvenation made easy.

The Opoule Treatments included in each Ramp-Up Regimen come in three highly stable anhydrous retinol concentrations: 0.025%, .05% or 0.1%. These are boosted with Vitamins C and E, bakuchiol, Ceramide III and many protective, moisturizing emollients.

Regimen 1 is based on 0.025%, retinol

Regimen 2 is based on 0.05% retinol

Regimen 3 is based on 0.1%. retinol

 A user can start with Regimen 1 or 2 for the first 4 weeks to accustom their skin to the retinol before ‘ramping up’ to a greater concentration for the next 4.

Active Retinol Recovery

“Cocktailing”, creating blended skin smoothies out of multiple products, skipping a night or applying retinol over moisturizer, are all ways we’ve heard people manage the dryness, tightness, flakiness, redness, and confusion of getting retinol usage right.

With Opulus, the solution is simple. Fortifying the skin through a nightly gradual ramping up – along with ceramides and other emollient ingredients included in the Retinol+ Opoule Treatments – neatly sidesteps the problem of skin sensitivity so common with other retinol programs.

Another major advantage to mitigating the sensitivity situation is Retinol+ Ramp-Up Regimens alternate RHR (Restore. Hydrate. Rejuvenate.) Overnight Mask Opoule Treatments with the retinol ones. As you progress, you’re never more than a few days away from a soothing interlude that lets your skin balance itself before powering forward with more rigorous retinol restoration work.

Like fashion, design or music ushering in a new era, we believe our genius new chemistry has created an instant ‘solid gold classic’ with our breakthrough Retinol+ Ramp-Up Regimen, that’s starting a new era for skin rejuvenation.



Peak Potency

Reap Retinol's Rewards Without the Trade Offs



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