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Celebrate Earth Day with OPULUS’ Forever Beauty Jar

Happy Earth Day, Skincare Lovers! As we celebrate our beautiful planet and take a moment to reflect on the impact our daily actions have on the environment, it’s hard not to point the finger at the beauty industry for its unfortunate contribution to plastic waste. But fear not, as innovative solutions are emerging to tackle this issue. 


Let us (re)introduce the OPULUS Activator – your Forever-Beauty Jar, as we like to call it.

This revolutionary product not only takes care of your skin but also helps to reduce plastic waste. Did you know that the personal care and beauty industry produces more than 120 billion packaging units every year globally, most of which are not recyclable?

The amount of plastic waste generated from a typical skincare routine by one person can vary widely depending on the person's routine and the products they use. However, on average, it is estimated that a person using a typical skincare routine can generate between 2 to 4 pounds of plastic waste per year. This includes packaging such as bottles, jars, pumps, and caps. Of which as much as 70% end up in a landfill.

Okay, let OPULUS step in!


Think of your OPULUS Activator as your personal skincare lab and a step forward in sustainable beauty. With the push of one button, the Activator transforms an Opoule® Treatment, or Concentrate (coming soon), into a range of skincare treatments, from Daily Moisturizers to Face Masks, Retinol Regimens, and nourishing Night Creams. All the ingredients your skin craves with, literally, no bottle, no jar, no plastic, and no pods to toss.

So how does it work exactly? When the OPULUS Activator pressure opens an Opoule Treatment, it releases the inner core of the Opoule containing the suspended key active ingredients while the heated bowl melts the outer coat. The Trefoil Blade circulates at varied speeds unifying the two layers into one smooth, freshly activated formula to be applied at peak potency. 

The result? Freshly activated ingredients are more potent than products that have been sitting on store shelves for months.


Traditional skincare is often sold as a 3-month supply, but your skin constantly needs different products. It can lose potency between production and purchase and typically has active water that requires many preservatives to maintain freshness. Traditional formulation methods prevent optimal concentration and combinations of ingredients.

On the other hand, OPULUS uses single-dose treatments that are freshly activated. It uses bound water, unavailable to microbes, so no added preservatives needed. OPULUS also minimizes waste by eliminating bottles and jars and successfully combines multiple key ingredients into one treatment.

By using OPULUS, you'll have fresher, more potent skincare while also reducing waste and the carbon footprint associated with traditional skincare products.

So, this Earth Day, let's celebrate innovative products like OPULUS, to not only take care of our skin but also take care of our planet. We can make a difference by making small changes like switching to sustainable beauty products!

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