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Clinical Proof

We conduct clinical studies for every product to ensure everything we deliver is of the highest quality.

Our Approach

To ensure that we are delivering high-quality medical-grade products, we conduct safe use and efficacy studies on all our formulations. We test our products via external third-party labs using 48 hour patch tests, in-house use tests, and/or extended home use tests.  

48-hour patch test

Conducted by an external third party research group, our product is applied onto 50 different participants and stays on their skin for 48 hours. Irritating formulas will cause their skin to get red, hot, and itchy — however, no OPULUS products have caused any negative reactions and have been tested safe to use.

Pilot studies & clinical research studies

Our first step in-house is to conduct pilot studies — IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved tests with a small number of participants. Each study is managed by a dermatologist and esthetician, and all images are taken by a medical photographer using VISIA cameras.  Based on these results, we expand our research internally to include a larger number of participants and/or have a 3rd party clinical research organization confirm the results.  

Glow Ritual Clinical Study

Retinol Regimen Clinical Study