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Consistency is key. Replenishing your Opoule™ Treatments, for ongoing skin transformation is simple with our Auto-Replenishment program. We automatically send your treatments based upon your chosen delivery frequency. As a bonus save 10% on each replenishment order. Change your mind, skip a delivery, or cancel at any time.

Formulated for use with the OPULUS Activator only. Shop the Starter System here.

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    Ramp-Up Regimen Guide

    Each Regimen is comprised of 14 Retinol+ Treatment and 14 RHR Overnight Mask. It has all you need for 4 complete weeks of nightly rejuvenation with Retinol and more.

    Regimen 1

    0.025% RETINOL

    If you are new to retinol treatments and your skin is ultra-sensitive or reactive, we recommend starting with our lowest retinol concentration of .025%. You will still experience peak potency while your skin acclimates to retinol and remains protected and hydrated.

    Regimen 2

    0.05% RETINOL

    We recommend Regimen 2 as a continuation of Regimen 1 for sensitive skin, which is now ready for higher retinol concentration. Regimen 2 has a retinol concentration of .05%.

    Regimen 3

    0.1% RETINOL

    If you have normal skin, we recommend you start with Regimen 3, our highest and most effective retinol concentration at .1%.

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Clinically proven safe & gentle

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No added preservatives or parabens

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No artificial color or fragrance

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Formulated without phlalates, silicones

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Assembled, formulated and manufactured in the USA

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Cruelty free