AHA Refresh Facial

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A gentle yet potent blend of fruit acids and triglycerides exfoliate away skin’s dead surface cells to reveal fresh, glowing, hydrated skin. Finish with a soothing milky rinse for your softest, most supple, radiant skin.

  • Benefits: Resurfacing, retexturizing, hydrating, brightening
  • Skin Types: Combination to dry
  • Skin Conditions: Dull, dehydrated, uneven tone and texture, fine lines, and wrinkles


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Key Ingredients

No Phthalates or Parabéns

No Sulfates or Silicone

Mineral Oil-Free


Made in USA




The patent pending Opoule™ Formulations are designed to optimize key actives and minimize preservatives. With the patent pending thermal blending provided by our Activator, the process is calibrated to the optimal temperature, helping greater benefits sink in. And it feels amazing! The duo delivers skincare at peak potency, and each application is ready in seconds with just one step.

It's like having a personal lab.

The OPULUS Activator provides a thermal blending process calibrated to reach the optimal temperature for heat amplified product absorption. When the OPULUS Activator pressure-opens an Opoule™ Treatment, it releases the inner Core of the Opoule containing the suspended key active ingredients, while the heated bowl melts the outer coat. The Trefoil Blade circulates at varied speeds unifying the two layers into one smooth, freshly activated formula to be applied at peak potency.

The OPULUS Activator was designed to be used only with OPULUS Formulations.

No, there are no plastics nor pods to toss. Opoules Treatments are self-contained and made entirely out of skincare ingredients. There is a convenient paper wrap that makes it easy to lift from the carton. This wrap is recyclable.